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Our Story

Hi, we are Mara Sofferin and Jordy Beale, the co-founders of Rock Your Cause™.  The two of us share a vision to change how people connect to causes and we established Rock Your Cause™ as a creative and interactive platform to achieve this change.  Our story begins in May 2008 when our friend Heidi was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  One second she was a care-free kid, who spent her time acting and playing sports and the next she was battling cancer.  We couldn’t wrap our heads around what was happening but we knew we had to channel our disbelief into something productive, something scalable and something without a shelf life.  We put our heads together and the creative juices started flowing.

What we came up with was a glorified bake sale, except instead of cupcakes we cooked up some t-shirts.  We designed a batch of 50 t-shirts to sell to friends at our respective schools in order to raise money for the children’s hospital where Heidi was undergoing treatment. The shirts sold out in two days and we made sure to immediately replenish our stock! Sales kept on rolling in and we decided to keep on rocking.

In the beginning…

After a summer apart we both returned home with the same feedback from our friends. Our peers wanted more Rock Your Cause™, so we decided to think bigger! If we could design t-shirts, we could design a website too, right?!  In September 2008, we designed and launched our first website and began utilizing social media networks as tools to connect with other young people.  We were psyched about the response to our t-shirts and it didn’t take long for us to realize that selling t-shirts out of our parents’ cars was not the best we could do. We needed a more interactive and accessible platform.

As things started picking up…

We were receiving emails and messages from young people all over North America expressing their interest in getting involved with Rock Your Cause™! It became unbelievably apparent that thousands of other young people shared our vision to do something creative in the name of their cause.  In January 2009 we launched our first Campus Campaign™ initiatives, teaming up with students at several high schools and universities to set up shop on their campuses and advocate for the causes of their choice by selling our apparel. Fashion proved to be an unstoppable medium to convey our message.

RYC™ Today…

The two of us continue to do all of the fashion and graphic design for Rock Your Cause™.  Designing interactive and participative cause campaigns continues to be our creative outlet and we have had the privilege of working with amazing people.  Today, in May 2011, Rock Your Cause™ is present on over 25 Campuses and counting, working with young people to orchestrate cause related events and campaigns. This past January we were speakers at the Queens Conference on Philanthropy where we had the humbling opportunity to address hundreds of university students from across Canada about being young and cause conscious.

The launch of our new website and a new Spring/Summer clothing collection is happening just in time to leverage our growing collection of causes!  Thank you for joining us and we hope rockyourcause.com becomes your new fashionable and charitable hub.

Much love,