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Personal Cause Campaign

Do you have a cause that you care deeply about and are looking for a creative way to raise funds and get people’s attention?

Rock Your Cause™ designed the Personal Cause Campaign™ project to address the challenges of connecting other people to your cause.  We know that it isn’t easy to secure or maintain people’s attention.  So, Rock Your Cause™ wants to partner with you to do something creative in the name of your personal cause.  When you sell Rock Your Cause™ apparel customized to your cause you will get people’s attention and every time someone gets dressed in their Rock Your Cause™ garment they will think about your cause again.  We think awareness is of critical importance.  It is awareness that leads people to action.

So, we want to team up with you to campaign for your personal cause, sell Rock Your Cause™ apparel to raise money for your cause, and get people’s attention in an exciting way (that pamphlets and newsletters simply do not).  With every apparel item sold the more awareness you create, the more funds you raise, and the more people you will inspire to connect with your cause and take action.

We mean it when we say “philanthropy that fits perfectly.”

Rock Your Cause™ apparel is completely customizable:

  • - Colour Your Cause™
  • - Display your corporate/school/event logo on our apparel
  • - Choose your apparel
  • - Work with us to design an entirely new apparel item or graphic


More importantly, Rock Your Cause™ will be there for you every step of the way!

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