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Kids in Camp

Anyone who has spent summers at camp certainly understands how special it is…

However, camp is a privilege and not every child is given the opportunity to attend.  By purchasing this limited edition RYC™ Cause Camp you make a donation to Kids in Camp™, an organization that provides financial assistance to families who cannot otherwise afford to send their children to camp.  All campers, past and present, know the importance of summer camp, and this is your chance to give back and give others the opportunity to be a part of the magic that is summer camp.

In the spirit of camp and the great outdoors we are cutting back on our use of shipping supplies and distributing Cause Caps™ directly to campers at their respective camps. In order to get the details right we ask that you please do the following when checking out:

The following camps have partnered with us! If your camp is not listed below please click on the “Other Camps/Campers” link to purchase a Cause Cap™ to be shipped to your personal address. Similarly, if you are a camper at one of the camps listed below but would prefer to have the cap shipped to your home address you can do so by clicking the “Other Camps/Campers” link!

Click on your camp to purchase a Cause Cap™. Use the “Other Camps/Campers” link to ship your Cause Cap™ to a personal address!