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Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Heidi knows that this girl knows how to ROCK IT!

Read on to hear her story first hand…

Hi, thank you for raising money for Leukemia research.

My name is Heidi. I am ten years old and I have Leukemia. I have some things to say my experiences and what you all do for me by supporting organizations like Rock Your Cause™.

Well one thing, you help kids like me and you give hope to so many.

This all started last February when I was getting fevers at night. After five days of this my mom took me to a family doctor. He said “This is weird”.

He gave me five blood tests and two urine tests over a two week period, until I was finally sent to a special kids doctor.

She sent me to Sick Kids the next morning for a Bone Marrow Aspiration at 11:00 AM on February 29th 2008. At 6:00 PM, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, ALL.

When you hear your Doctor say Leukemia your heart starts beating one thousand times faster and all of the bones in your body collapse. You feel so sad.

That day I was admitted to the oncology floor of the hospital and two days later I began chemotherapy. I lived at Sick Kids for two weeks, but even after that I couldn’t go home to Orillia. I had to stay in Toronto.

It has been six months and the worst of my Chemo is finished. I have my bravery beads for all of my treatments, including every needle, test, chemo, Lumbar Puncture, port access, surgery, blood transfusion, and other really, really, scary things that have happened to me! And all of that is just from six months, I still have two more years of chemotherapy to go!

When you are diagnosed with a disease that may take your life you bring many people to battle with you. I am lucky to have such a great family, and group of friends that are always around to support me. They visit me all the time and bring with them lots of love (and lots of presents).

As you know, Leukemia has a very high cure rate. You may wonder why we still need money for research?

Well… chemotherapy does bad things to your body like damage your heart, kidney, bones, and other stuff. On top of that, it can also mess with your mind and make you not able to learn as well as other kids in your class. It can also leave you unable to reproduce.

Research is primarily aimed at discovering how to kill the cancer forever while not damaging your body forever.

By supporting Rock Your Cause™ you are giving so much to so many people. You have helped me and you are helping thousands of other kids just like me.

Thank you for listening to my story, and thank you for helping me Rock MY Cause!


Today Heidi is cancer free!!

click here to listen to her thanking all of her supporters!