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Kids in Camp


Summer camp is a safe haven for so many children. It is a place to escape school, family, technology and all other forms of reality. Camp is essentially an alternate… Read More

Meet the RYC™ Interns


YES, you heard right. Everyone put your hands together and welcome YOUR new RYC™ interns to the blogosphere! Joeley is fresh off the market from TanenbaumCHAT emerging from grade ten…. Read More


Rock Your Cause

Welcome to the all new Rock Your Cause™!!! Before you begin browsing please take a moment to join the RYC™ Cause Community by following these simple steps:      … Read More

Exciting News / A Great Opportunity For You

Rock Your Cause

The wonderful Queen’s Conference on Philanthropy committee has invited Rock Your Cause™ to speak on this year’s conference panel. We are extremely honoured to be a part of such an… Read More


Rock Your Cause

We’re keeping warm this winter with the cozy limited edition Rock Your Cause™ touque. $30 – all proceeds are donated to the the Leukemia research and treatment cause including patient care programs…. Read More

Rock Your Cause™ @ TCK

Rock Your Cause

It has been a busy month for Rock Your Cause™!!! Sales took place at 5 schools and our sales reps were INCREDIBLE!! Our first story is about the lovely Danna… Read More