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Campus Campaign

Young people are a crucial piece of the cause puzzle.

They are endlessly enthusiastic and full of fresh ideas about how to gather support for a cause.  Young people learn first and foremost from each other and when you get them behind a cause there is simply no stopping the momentum of growing support. The campus environment is quite simply the perfect environment.  It presents an endless network of young people teeming with creativity and possibilities.  That is why the Campus Campaign™ project is a cornerstone of our philanthropic endeavors.

Rock Your Cause™ wants to work with you to crusade for your cause on your campus.

We will team up with you to set up a Cause Shop™ on campus where you will sell apparel from which profits are donated to your cause.  You will be the CEO of your Campus Campaign™, and you can design a unique campaign exclusive to your campus by throwing a party or special event, organizing a student-run conference to get young people talking about a cause you care about, etc… The opportunities are endless and we want to work with you to create a buzz around your cause on campus.  Contact us to set up shop and start campaigning.