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The Lights Are On And Somebody’s Home…


…If by light you mean the sun, and by home you mean a giant inflatable balloon that looks like the material your burritos come wrapped in. Martin Azua was sitting around in Barcelona, probably around La Sagrada Familia, just appreciating the beauty of the cathedral (I know nothing about Barcelona but Lonely Planet’s website says it’s the thing you should see if you only have time for one sightseeing venture while you’re there), and thought to himself “what if there was a solar oven that humans could live in?!”

This guy, who does not yet know that I am his girlfriend, created this balloon called Basic House. Basically (pun intended), it’s a temporary housing solution that can fit in your pocket. It’s made out of material that inflates when in contact with solar or body heat, and keeps warm by reflecting your body heat. Better yet, you can flip it inside out and it’s cold. This is a revolutionary object, people! Temporary housing can be produced for the masses! Look at the cool stuff that people are putting out into the world. No idea is too simple or too complicated to help people! Make sure you write all those ideas down (even the ones you think of in the shower- those are your best ones): every once in a while one can come along to change the game.

- Joeley