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Social Entrepreneurship… the 411


We love the helping people understand the differences between charities, non-profits and social ventures. It is definitely a common misunderstanding and Rock Your Cause™ is caught right in the midst… Read More

Campus Corner: Queens University


Rock Your Cause™ will be on sale today and tomorrow at the Queen’s Centre between 12-4 PM. Stop by and say hello to our superstar sales team, headed up by… Read More

Sweaters for Penguins


Blue penguins in New Zealand are having trouble keeping warm after an oil container ship ran aground earlier this month. The oil spill has damaged the penguins feathers and in… Read More

Featured Cause: Wildlife Conservation


Check out the trailer for “Bred to Be Wild“, a documentary from Canadian filmmakers Matt Hood and Caroline Brown.  The film follows a little cub, Wakanaka, born into a pride… Read More

Want to be a RYC™ Sales Rep?


Now that the school year is well underway (it’s already October!!!!) we are eager to commence on campus campaigns!  Today we sent out an email to the (over 100) students… Read More

Got a Secret?


Ever feel like something is eating you up inside? You just have to tell somebody, but who? Post Secret is an long standing community art project where people mail in… Read More