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2. Can I make a donation to Rock Your Cause™ instead of buying apparel?


Rock Your Cause™ is not a non-profit organization.  We are a for-profit company built upon philanthropy.  We are like professional fundraisers who increase money flow to community organizations by making philanthropy more accessible and thus engaging more people in the world of fundraising. Every item we offer is cause-related and every sale contributes to the cause by generating funds and awareness.  We donate a minimum of 15% of profits to existing non-profit organizations. Other retained profits are used to fund Rock Your Cause™ initiatives such as fundraising events and Campus Campaigns™ designed to generate additional  awareness and donations.

When you buy and wear our apparel your dollar goes much further than just writing a cheque to an organization.  We are vigilant about researching potential recipients to ensure that our donation has the highest payoff possible.  We ensure a Biggest Difference per Dollar™ rating.  We also try to be as involved as possible with the organizations that we donate to.  We want to know how our money will be used and it is our goal to use our money to implement finite projects that we can observe start to finish and allow our customers to see the difference that their dollars have made.


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